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Avis : Nina (Pays-bas)

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Nina du Pays-bas - 02 octobre 2020 Durée du séjour : 4 semaines - Début du cours : août 2020 Cours : Cours Intensif de Français Hébergement : Séjour chez l'habitant
Votre résumé de séjour

I really liked the teaching method used at the school and liked how I was able to make so many friends in a relatively short period of time, I also genuinely think that my French improved A LOT while I was there, it also helped me gain confidence in actually speaking in French instead of shying away and immediately switching to English whenever I forget a word.
I really enjoyed my 4 week stay in Montpellier and highly recommend people to take the intensive course if they want to improve their French in short period of time. I also liked going out with my friends after school and on the weekends, I would honestly go back to ILA when I have the time.

Hébergement à Montpellier avec ILA

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Séjour chez l'habitant

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Chambre universitaire

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