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Avis : Karolina (RÉpublique tchÈque)

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Karolina du RÉpublique tchÈque - 07 août 2019 Durée du séjour : 2 semaines - Début du cours : juillet 2019 Cours : Cours Intensif de Français Hébergement : Résidence étudiante
Votre résumé de séjour

I like all the teachers (Joelle, Maite) who were given us the lessons, I learned a lot of stuff, I did 2 weeks intensive course and tried also 1 cooking class, in two weeks i made my french more fluent and learn of new vocabularies, I wish I could stay longer to improve it even better. As I am 29, i was worried to feel too old, as the average age is 23 in summer, however the group was well split and so we have been between similar age group which was great and definitely didn't feel bad at all. The ladies at the reception are lovely, always ready to help.
Montpelier is a beautiful city, you can enjoy the city life as well as the nature, beach, there is lot of close other cities you can go to visit. The accommodation which was shared flat for students which was organized by the school was good as it was super near to center. The school give amazing opportunity for future life, teaching you a lot, in a great way, that you are never bored, activities changing and you can meat people from all over the world, made a lot of new friends and have a great time. I loved my stay, hope to come back soon.

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